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Fun Christmas Photo Booth Background Ideas

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

Christmas is just around the corner, which is soon to be followed by New Year’s Eve. Everybody is gearing up for this festive season, and a photo booth is one of the commonly found items at parties today. Photo booths are especially popular at a wide variety of social events. Owing to this, the number of photo booth rentals is increasing each passing day. Now that Christmas is near, the demand for photo booths is all the higher. The booths are very easy to use and are a fun addition to your trendy Christmas parties.
Here are a few fun Christmas photo booth background ideas that can turn any ordinary gathering into a highly festive holiday party.

1. The Traditional Christmas Photo Booth

This one is the simplest of all photo booth backgrounds, but it’s a classic with its magical backdrop of silver and white. You can add simple patterns or Christmas themed props to its traditional charm.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

2. Snow Fall Booth

Create this backdrop using a rug, tissue paper, and a white blanket. Mini Christmas trees are also a must. This is one of those classic photo booth backgrounds that will result in cozy, snowy portraits to treasure for many years to come.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

3. Instant Chalk Wall Photo Booth

It is immense fun to create this photo booth. All you need is a plain wall backdrop, and you can chalk your way to joy with your kids. Add other elements to embellish the simple background, or simply draw them on. This kid-friendly fun can’t be beat!

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

4. Christmas Bow Background

For this booth, all you need to do is dig into the heap of bows that you have lying around the house.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

5. Gold Fringe Curtains

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

If you want, you can save these curtains to reuse every year. It’s worth it. The golden fringe curtain backdrop will definitely add the necessary shimmer to your long-awaited Christmas party.

6. Holiday Ornaments and Fabric

You can set up this photo booth backdrop by hanging fabric and holiday ornaments and the perfect photo booth setup for your Christmas party is ready!

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

7. A Metallic Sheet Backdrop for Every Holiday Soiree

Like the golden fringe curtain, the metallic sheeting backdrop with is added shine can be reused for your holiday photo booth every year.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

8. Streamers

This is the fastest backdrop that you can put together for a photo booth. Save time for other Christmas party preparations by simply hanging streamers for your photo booth background in just a few minutes.

If you’re out of time to create your own photo booth backdrop and have some money left in the party budget, go ahead and purchase a lovely gold sequin backdrop.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

10. Paper and Thread Garlands

Holiday garlands for your DIY photo booth background can be created with just a spool of thread and some shiny, brightly colored paper circles. They are easy to make and not the very time to consume as well.
Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

11. Snowflakes Background

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

12. Wrapping Paper Backdrop

Try using wrapping paper that has intricate designs for an easy yet attractive background - no need to purchase or create additional decorations!

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

13. Tinsel Tassels and Huge Balloons

Tinsel tassel walls with huge, colorful balloons never fail to dazzle the guests.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

We would love to hear from you! Please share YOUR Christmas Booth Background Ideas with photo in the comment below or on my social media.

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