Friday, 20 February 2015

Open Houses Sunday, February 22 from 12pm to 2pm and 2:30pm to 4pm: Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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Open House 

Sunday, February 22 from 12pm to 2pm

3Bedrooms + 4Bathrooms + 2Parking

For a private showing please contact Carmen at 604-218-4846
Open House

Sunday, February 22 from 2:30pm to 4pm

2Bedrooms + 2Bathrooms + 2Parking + 2 Storage

For a private showing please contact Carmen at 604-218-4846

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

179 Furry Creek, West Vancouver

Check out this extraordinary home. Must See!

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Energy Use: Here are some eco-friendly and energy-saving tips to consider.

Here are some eco-friendly and energy-saving tips to consider.

Energy use

Air conditioning and heating account for more than half of the home energy bill. To trim that:

1. Change filters regularly on the air-conditioning and heating unit.

2. Adjust the thermostat. Raising the temperature just one degree saves 7 percent to 10 percent on cooling costs.

3. Install a programmable thermostat.

4. Choose a more energy-efficient air-conditioning unit. The higher the seasonal energy efficiency, or SEER, rating, the more efficient the unit. Look for a rating of 13 or greater.

5. Replace the clothes washer, dishwasher, refrigerator and dryer with Energy Star appliances.

6. Add ceiling fans and portable fans to help circulate the air and cut down on air conditioner use.

7. Add attic insulation.

8. Add a ridge vent on the roof to lower temperatures in the attic.

9. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents.

10. Replace compact fluorescent lights with light-emitting diode, LED, tiny light bulbs that fit into an electrical circuit. They use one-third the energy and last five times longer than CFLs.

11. Consider a tank-less or instantaneous water heater.

12. Replace an electric water heater with a natural-gas water heater.

13. Set water heater temperature to 120 degrees.

14. Install the water heater near the kitchen.

15. Buy a wind turbine if you’re in a rural area.

16. Plant trees on the west, south and east sides to shade the house.

17. Replace windows with Energy Star ones.

18. Add solar screens.

19. Wash laundry in warm or cold water and rinse in cold water.

20. Clean the dryer’s lint filter after every load.


21. Choose a light-colored roof to decrease heat transferred to the attic.

22. Buy a roof made of “cool” shingles.

23. Add a durable metal roof.

24. Purchase rooftop solar shingles to help offset your energy use.

25. Purchase a rooftop photo-voltaic solar system.


26. Consider carpets made from corn fiber or wool. Some carpets release volatile organic compounds, VOCs.

27. Clean with vinegar and products free of phosphates, chlorine and petroleum distillates.

28. Install counter tops made of bamboo.

29. Choose counter tops made of recycled glass.

30. Consider reclaimed wood flooring.

31. Opt for cork floors.

32. Use concrete for counter tops or floors.

33. Buy linoleum made of linseed oil, cork and jute.

34. Use unbleached paper for paper towels and coffee filters.

35. Consider milk-based paint.

36. Use acrylic paint that gives off low volatile organic compounds.

Water use

37. Run full loads of laundry and in the dishwasher.

38. Consider adding plumbing to recycle gray water from sinks and tubs to toilets.

39. Replace toilets with low-flow or dual-flush models.

40. Repair dripping faucets promptly.

41. Install low-flow shower heads on showers and aerators on faucets.

42. Install a water softener to minimize mineral deposits and prolong the life of the water heater.


43. Inspect sprinkler systems for leaks.

44. Collect rainwater to water plants and lawn.

45. Buy energy-efficient LEDs for exterior light. Bonus: They don’t attract bugs.

46. Xeriscape. Plant drought-tolerant shrubs and perennials and give them the proper amount of sunlight.

47. Start a compost pile. Not only does composting recycle kitchen waste, the end product is a nourishing amendment for gardens and planting beds.

48. Use a manual lawn mower.

49. Leave grass clippings on your yard as mulch.

50. Reduce the size of your lawn.

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Bank of Canada Rate Announcement: January 2015

In a change of pace from the last rate announcement, on Wednesday the Bank of Canada dropped their overnight rate by 0.25%. This decision was in response to the recent sharp drop in oil prices, which will be negative for growth and underlying inflation in Canada.
This is the first rate change we have seen since September 2010 (when the rates went up .25%). That’s a stretch of 4.5 years that we have benefited from a low prime rate on mortgages.
What does this drop in rate mean?  A few things really.
1. We anticipate the banks will soon drop the prime rate to 2.75%.
2. Our clients with variable rate mortgages can take advantage of this low rate

Curious about how this drop may affect your current or future mortgage? I am always here to answer any questions you may have. Click here to leave your contact and I can direct you to one of my reliable mortgage specialists.


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Vancouver-Real-Estate: The-Independent-at-Main

The independent at main

At 21 storeys, The Independent will be the tallest tower at one of Vancouver’s key crossroads – Main at Broadway.
Centred in a neighbourhood that is full of independent breweries, grocers, coffee shops, restaurants and boutique retail shops, the aptly-named The Independent at Main represents a mixture of history and happening that defines the current Mount Pleasant. The Independent stands first and foremost for the individuality that defines this vibrant community. With five unique building forms designed to reflect the eclectic building mix that already exists in Mt. Pleasant, The Independent will feature crafted aspects that will make it a landmark and iconic structure.

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