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14 Vintage Holiday Gift Ideas

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

Skip the mall this year, and give creative gifts with a little history and time-worn charm. Fill vintage containers with thoughtful suprises for useful gifts where the wrap is part of the present.

1. Bundt Pans and Molds

Assemble spices, tea towels, wooden spoons and other kitchen essentials in a copper Bundt pan or pudding mold. Look for pieces that are clean and rust free, so they can still be practical as well as pretty.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

2. Chamber Pots

Thankfully, these pieces that were once necessities have become antiquated due to indoor plumbing. They now make a quirky, tongue-in-cheek holder for homemade soaps and other items that make nice holiday gifts.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

3. Hardback Books

Gift cards have become a popular holiday gift option, especially for those on your list who are difficult to shop for. Instead of purchasing a gift-card case, tuck them into a small, vintage book. It's even better if the book relates to something the recipient enjoys. Books also make a great holder for cash gifts.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

4. Metal Tins

Vintage tins are plentiful and can often be found for less than $5. They make a perfect container for homemade cookies and holiday sweets. Nestle the sweets in vintage linen napkins or brown paper.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

5. Trinket Box

Why give a gift in a disposable paper box when a vintage wooden trinket box can often be found for less at thrift stores? Fill it with desk accessories, decks of cards, makeup or accessories. No wrapping is necessary for this gift - simply tie on a pretty ribbon.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

6. Buckets
Vintage buckets can be found in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors. This metal dry-goods bucket makes a great holder for a live rosemary plant to give to the chef or gardener in your life. Buckets can also be filled with miniature Christmas trees or winter flowers like paperwhites. Include tips on caring for the plant on the back of the gift tag.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

7. Casserole Dishes

Pretty ironstone china casserole dishes or soup tureens are great presents on their own, but are better when filled with monogrammed linen napkins, silver napkin rings and some flatware. A collection like this makes a thoughtful gift for a newlywed or someone who loves to entertain.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

8. Silver Champagne or Ice Bucket

Silver-plate pieces can generally be found for around $20, especially at yard sales. Pick up an ice bucket or champagne chiller, fill with a bottle of bubbly and tie on a bow to create the perfect hostess gift that can be enjoyed at holiday parties for years to come.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

9. Wooden Totes and Caddies

Use a vintage wooden tote or caddy to hold a collection of smaller gifts. Wrap the small gifts in coordinating paper, and tuck each into a cubby, making a fun display that can be used for organizing once the gifts are unwrapped.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

10. Teacups

Teacups can be found by the dozen at yard sales and thrift stores. Pick them up to give as small gifts to those who enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Tuck some favorite flavors or blends inside the cup, tied in a bundle with twine or pretty ribbon.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

11. Bread Board

Vintage wooden bread boards have become more popular over the past few years, but can still be found for a bargain. Pair a wooden board with some homemade bread or an artisan loaf from a bakery. Wrap the loaf in brown paper and tie it with some butcher twine, greenery and a tag.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

12. Canning Jars

Vintage canning jars can be picked up at flea markets or antique stores for just a few dollars, and they make great containers for small, simple gifts. Fill a jar halfway with Epsom salt to represent snow, and drop a pretty ornament inside.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

13. Wooden Crates

Be on the lookout for vintage wooden crates with original paint or unique typography when flea market season is in full swing. Fill crates with shredded paper and seasonal fruit, such as citrus and pomegranate. The crate can become functional storage afterward.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

14. Sugar Jars

What's more fitting than to fill a vintage sugar jar with sweets? Fill a small jar with classic holiday candy for a simple gift. You can find a great deal on jars with missing lids, ones that are orphaned from a set or those with small chips or cracks.

Vancouver Realtor-Carmen Leal

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